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Writer's Choice now partner with writers in Story Origin and hold joint book promotions. Sometimes there are free or bargain books historical fiction readers would like. Take a look here.

p.d.r. lindsay's Monthly Newsletter

A warm welcome to all those readers who signed up for my newsletter in the recent BookSweeps giveaway for historical fiction. Thank you. The newsletter goes out once a month, on the 6th, to let you know about books you might be interested in, mainly historical fiction and its sub-genres, written by myself and my colleagues.

I'm not good at the personal chat stuff which marketing gurus say is vital in a newsletter, and I know many of you are far too busy to spend time reading a load of my burbling. The newsletters will always be brief. Those of you who like to talk with authors are welcome to email me - use the address in the foot of the newsletter. I'm happy to have a natter with any readers who email me.

Meanwhile take a look at the books on offer this month. There's a wide range so I hope you'll find something worth reading. If you're pushed for time there are some good short stories which you can read on your mobile when you're hanging around for a few moments..

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Historical fiction giveaways. Be warned those of you who don't like Romance. There’s a lot of historical romance here but there are one or two good straight historicals I enjoyed ‘A Viking Christmas’

Be quick ONLY 6 DAYS LEFT for this one

Historical fiction giveaways


Historical fiction giveaway

In Kindle Unlimited only


Historical Fiction

Strong female roles

Books reduced in price


Free historical Fiction




A Quick Dip Into History - 5 minute reads.

5 short stories

And my apologies for the wrong cover, but the book is ‘Eggs for Supper’. Don't know how I mixed them up.


Historical Fiction Lovers Collection

Bargain prices.



Help an author find more readers


Britannia AD 77

Rome bleeds red across Britannia. A Celtic tribe must stem the tide. Or die


'Shadow of the Sword'

is a fast action novel that plunges into the gripping story of Sir Laster of Alamore.



For those of you who enjoyed 'The Viking Ventures' series

by Åsli & Bakkejord here is the whole series. FREE

The beginning.





And here's another Viking series.

'Viking Blood and Blade'

The Viking Blood and Blade Saga Book 1

Kindle Edition   BARGAIN


Chrystyna Lucyk-Berger’s  WWII series are currently free.

I'm enjoying them.





Historical SHORT STORY

Britannia AD 61: The Battle of Mona


Colleagues' books on offer

'Throne of Thorns: A Transylvanian Historical Fantasy Novella

The Curse Of The Dracula Brothers Book 1'

A cursed prince. Two clashing empires. A bloody throne no one can hold.


'A Meeting of Terrors'

The dead of Exmoor don't always whisper, sometimes they scream!

A supernatural action adventure story from the Lorne Turner Mysteries



I hope you find something to read and enjoy.


I hope you find something to entertain you this month.

READ about our authors and what they publish. There are links to our books and individual websites.

Writer's Choice is a writers' publishing cooperative which acts like a traditional publisher for its members. Novels are selected or rejected by the group and the whole group work hard beta reading and editing each novel until it is ready for its final edit by a professional editor. This includes professional proofreading, professional cover and interior design work and finally the novel is published by the author as a POD paperback and ebook with the Writer's Choice quality fiction seal.

In our first year our very first published novel won the San Diego Historical Fiction Award. Our second published novel rocketed up the Amazon top 100 best-selling historical novels list and sat there, selling an amazing number of books. Our third published novel had already earned short listed places in two unpublished novel competitions.
In our second year our novels were short listed in the Amazon novel competition, the M M Bennetts Historical Fiction Award, the Wishing Shelf Independent fiction award, and the Historical Novel Society Independent Novel award.
Our third year was as successful, Bragg Medallion, excellent reviews, and reader raves. Members work hard to produce quality fiction and Writer's Choice can celebrate that as an independent co-operative group of writers it is living up to its promise of quality fiction.

Half way through our fourth year and we had another prize winner, 'Four Nails'. 'Bittersweet' made the final rounds in two competitions and received some good reviews.

Our fifth year and sixth year were all quiet on the novel front. Life gets in the way sometimes with aging parents, local politics and family matters. GJ has been working on a Historical mystery. Sharon has painted a great deal as writing had been very difficult due to family commitments. p.d.r.'s uplit historical novel is now out and selling steadily as an ebook and in print. She has published several short stories, and the child's picture book 'Benjamin's Adventure' is now out as an ebook and in print. 'Tales from Old Japan' those four Mediaeval Japanese short stories are now an ebook anthology. More are being written.

So we entered 2022 and our eighth year found us coping, just and still writing. GJ's historical mistery is due out in November. p.d.r. 's novella is due in Decemebr.

Our writers can be found at: Amazon, Smashwords, Streetlib and Kobo. Check us out.

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p.d.r. lindsay's Jacob's Justice

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