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Friday, 14 March 2014 21:07

Writer’s Choice is one of many writing cooperatives operating around the world. Writer’s Choice writers are from Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Recently one of our members came across another writing cooperative operating much like our group.

Five Directions Press is a writers’ cooperative dedicated to creating and publishing high-quality fiction and nonfiction. They  share the essential publishing tasks of editing, typesetting, design, and marketing, but each author pays their own way and keeps their own royalties. Most of their books are contemporary or historical women’s fiction, although they have also published two memoirs. By working together, they seek to make the most of their marketing and to act as gatekeepers while retaining the freedom associated with independent publishing and the support best provided by a small group.

The cooperative grew out of an ongoing writers’ group. They are serious novelists who are passionate about writing.

Five Directions Press

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Seeking Sophia (2013)

Coming of age in the turbulent 1960s—where she spent years immersed in student protests, urban communes, and radical politics—Kleio Platon has never been drawn to the conventional woman’s goals of marriage and motherhood. But after a few devastating months strip her of her boyfriend, her health, and her splashy international job, Kleio realizes the downside to being a black sheep. As she struggles to rebuild her life and make peace with her past, Kleio clings to advice discovered in a fortune cookie: “Write a book, build a house, plant a tree, make a child. Wisdom comes from these endeavors.”

Wisdom. In the language of Kleio’s grandparents, Sophia—which is also the name of the abandoned child whose adoption may hold the key that unlocks, for Kleio, the true meaning of life.

But old habits die hard. Can Kleio find the strength to commit the ultimate rebellion: putting down roots?

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Battle Hymn of the Tiger Daughter (2011, reformatted by Five Directions Press 2012)

What does a successful child look like?

If you imagined a straight-A-earning, classical-music- playing, rule-following prodigy, you’re not alone.

This is what I thought my kid should look like, too. I was determined to raise my child in this image, no matter the cost.

But life intervened in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I was faced with two choices: impose my will, or take a frightening, uncharted path—to where?

A substandard child, unable to succeed?

Did letting up mean letting my child down?

Answering those questions took my family on a fascinating journey. What looked like failure after failure on adult terms led to a different kind of success: mad creativity, fierce independence, and relentless self-direction.

Everything an adult needs to make it in today’s world.

So what does a successful child look like?

She looks like my child. And if you consider a similar path, she just might look like yours.

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The Not Exactly Scarlet Pimpernel (2012)

Have you ever wanted to rewrite your favorite novel—fix the heroine’s mistakes, win the hero’s heart?

Nina Pennington does. She is overjoyed when she lands the plum role as the heroine of The Scarlet Pimpernel in a class assignment based on a computer game.

Nina knows she can win—until she realizes her one chance for success requires an alliance with her least-favorite fellow grad student, cast as the Scarlet Pimpernel himself.

The game challenges Nina in ways she never anticipated, and that least-favorite fellow grad student starts looking better by the minute. But then, she has always had a soft spot for the swashbuckling Scarlet Pimpernel.

Now Nina has to choose: win the game, or take a chance on love?

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The Golden Lynx (2012)


(Legends of the Five Directions 1: West)

Russia, 1534. Elite clans battle for control of the toddler who will become their first tsar, Ivan the Terrible. Amid the chaos and upheaval, a masked man mysteriously appears night after night to aid the desperate people.

Or is he a man?

Sixteen-year-old Nasan Kolychev is trapped in a loveless marriage. To escape her misery, she dons boys’ clothes and slips away under cover of night to help those in need. She never intends to do more than assist a few souls and give her life purpose. But before long, Nasan finds herself caught up in events that will decide the future of Russia.

And so, a girl who has become the greatest hero of her time must decide whether to save a baby destined to become the greatest villain of his.

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