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'Tales from Japan' is an anthology of four short stories set in Japan of the 16C and 17thC. They are a blend of history with a touch of fantasy. I daren't insult my Japanese colleagues and friends by daring to say that they are pure history based on my research. There are bound to be errors for no one, even after all the years I spent in Japan, can really get to grips with such a fascinating history without learning the language, and I have basic Japanese skills - very basic. The stories are certainly rooted in my study of Japanese history, enhanced by visiting the sites, the shiro (castles) the museums, the many reenactments of key points of history performed for religious reasons and the wonderful Shinto festivals. They have all been previously published in online journals and two were podcasted. The editors enjoyed them so I hope readers will too.

Welcome to Writer's Choice Publishing Co-operative.

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Writer's Choice is a writers' publishing cooperative which acts like a traditional publisher for its members. Novels are selected or rejected by the group and the whole group work hard beta reading and editing each novel until it is ready for its final edit by a professional editor. This includes professional proofreading, professional cover and interior design work and finally the novel is published by the author as a POD paperback and ebook with the Writer's Choice quality fiction seal.

In our first year our very first published novel won the San Diego Historical Fiction Award. Our second published novel rocketed up the Amazon top 100 best-selling historical novels list and sat there, selling an amazing number of books. Our third published novel had already earned short listed places in two unpublished novel competitions.
In our second year our novels were short listed in the Amazon novel competition, the M M Bennetts Historical Fiction Award, the Wishing Shelf Independent fiction award, and the Historical Novel Society Independent Novel award.
Our third year was as successful, Bragg Medallion, excellent reviews, and reader raves. Members work hard to produce quality fiction and Writer's Choice can celebrate that as an independent co-operative group of writers it is living up to its promise of quality fiction.

Half way through our fourth year and we had another prize winner, 'Four Nails'. 'Bittersweet' made the final rounds in two competitions and received some good reviews.

Our fifth year is all quiet on the novel front. Life gets in the way sometimes with aging parents, local politics and family matters. GJ has been working on a Historical mystery. Sharon has painted a great deal as writing had been very difficult due to family commitments. p.d.r. has an uplit historical novel which should have been finished but will be completed at the end of the year. She has published several short stories, and a child's picture book awaits illustrations and has four Mediaeval Japanese short stories ready for an anthology. p.d.r.'s excuse for not finishing her novel in April is that her computer blew up and she has had to write and sell a lot of short stories and non-fiction to pay for it.

So we enter 2020 and find ourselves swept up in the panic of a pandemic. Looking positive we do have time at home now to write. Alas stress and worry do NOT aid creativity. p.d.r. has given herself a deadline for the uplit novel. GJ and Sharon are working through life problems. We all hope and pray the world recovers from the pandemic and governments keeps working together to stop more climate change damage.

What do authors G. J. Berger and J. K. Rowling have in common besides abbreviated names? They each have two San Diego Book Award Association awards for novels.

Check out the excellent review of 'Four Nails' here

And U.K. readers are certainly buying 'Four Nails' and it has been and keeps popping up on the Amazon UK historical best sellers list. It deserves to be there.

Also this review:
FOUR NAILS is many things, all of them topnotch. It is a warp-speed backward jump in time to the Punic Wars, as glimpsed from the unique perspective of a young Hindu mahout (elephant trainer) swept up into Hannibal’s army just in time for the trans-Alpine attack on the Italian peninsula. It is a love story, a couple of them, actually, both unconventional—between a boy and his magnificent war elephant and also for the unattainable and untouchable girl who comes along for the ride of a lifetime. And “Four Nails” is a tender coming-of-age odyssey set against the barbaric tides of history, with indelible vignettes of a Syrian slave caravan that reminded me of Kipling’s “Kim.” Berger’s wonderful story also reminded of the recent award-winning film, “Lion,” another epic tale of a lost Indian boy trying find his way back home.


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