G.J. Berger

G.J. Berger Four Nails

A compelling story about an Indian Mahout named Ashoka, who went from slave elephant trainer to key elephant boy in Hannibal's incredible army.  

G.J. Berger South of Burnt Rocks

A fascinating, mostly true story of the real Hunger Games, courageous people led by a young She Warrior, holding off the mighty and cruel oppressor, Rome.

p.d.r. lindsay

p.d.r. lindsay Jacob's Justice

1642 and war threatens England so how do you protect your family and business from the bigots on both sides?

p.d.r. lindsay Tizzie

There's no slavery in the Yorkshire Dales, not in 1887, not ever. But loving families use artful schemes to enslave the innocent. Tizzie is such an innocent.

p.d.r. lindsay Bittersweet

In the Indian Raj in 1872, an angry and determined Bryce Ackerman, is hunting down some officers who were NOT gentlemen and have robbed him of his beloved Aimée.

p.d.r. lindsay Short stories

Here are six men, in six different stories, each facing change. read, enjoyand be entertained by how six middle aged men try to make sense of their middle aged lives in their own individual ways.

'p.d.r. lindsay’s stories are not only well written and thoughtful, they're entertaining, a quality which is too often missing in the short story genre these days. Enjoy them, I did.'

Editor 'Peninsular'


p.d.r. lindsay short stories

'Women Waking Up' is an anthology of eight stories about eight different women. Facing their problems with humour, courage, or cheerful ignorance, cunning, guile or sheer women's cheek, these eight women find ways to make changes in their lives.

'‘Oh gosh, this just made me cry. I found 'The Paper Nautilus' intensely moving, evocative and beautifully written.’ Reader's Review.

p.d.r. lindsay Song of the Sea

p.d.r. lindsay has been writing short stories for a very long time. Her first publication was in her school magazine and for a while she paid the bills writing short stories for 'the People's Friend' until she broke into the (then) well paying university literary journals in the USA and Canada, but she still has a soft spot for nice corforting 'Ah, isn't it nice!' 'People's Friend' stories.

Writer's Choice Shorts are single short stories in a variety of genres. All were previously published in journals, magazines, podscasts, and zines.